About This Site
I used to be pretty active around these parts, both online and out in the world as a musician. These days, not so much, but I've gotten quite a few emails looking for the site or the music. So, I figured I'd put something up with at least that much so people could continue to download the music even if I wasn't putting out anything new.

Thanks to all of the folks who still continue to ask, "Where are you?" as well as send emails with offers to replace my missing music. It's all been recovered, and is all available for download here for as long as I can keep it up.

If you're looking for indie musicians on the internet who are still active, I recommend Scott Andrew, and Brad Sucks. They've both been good to me, continue to fight the good fight, and are gods among men.

I'm now married, a college student and drive a four-door car. I know that may come as a hell of a shock to those of you who have known me since the Jager-swilling days when I drove a Camaro with t-tops, but you can't be 22 forever.

Hugs and kisses to the family of Nathan Davis, who died in 2006 and taught me more about music than I could ever put into words. You were brilliant, you were a pain in the ass, and I miss you at the weirdest times.

Anyways: enjoy the music, and thanks for stopping by.


The crowning jewel of my internet career might be the 2003 Blogathon, which I participated in with Scott Andrew LePera. Cowriting and recording two original songs as Pet Rock Star^s netted $1200 in donations for the Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation.

Joi Ito asked me to write a song for Ben & Mena Trott (of Moveable Type fame) for their birthdays in September 2003. I gladly accepted, and the result is "Your Own Dot Org," a somehow silly and somewhat serious song about their lives, taken mostly from their weblog archives.

Request my music almost any time you'd like at Whole Wheat Radio. WWR is run by Jim Kloss and Esther Golton from a 12x12 cabin in Talketna, Alaska, and they're two of my most favoritest people in the whole world.